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Wanting to unlock the Spanish market with your health food and drink product?


Let Bolst Global help you! 

With part of the Bolst Global team being based in Spain, we are regularly taking a select number of health food and drink brands to present to our Spanish distributor and retailer network who are proactively looking for new products for their Spanish and ex pat customers.


So if you aren’t already then why consider Spain?
  • One of the top ten export markets for UK food and drink products
  • The demand for high quality British products is increasing
  • 18.8 million British tourists annually visit the country
  • Home to more than 300,000 British expats currently
  • Strong consumer demand for organic, free from, gourmet and premium gluten-free, vegan and/or vegetarian-friendly products.


If you are looking to take your food and drink brand internationally and you are interested in working with us at Bolst Global then this could be a fantastic way for us to start on a short cost effective and efficient project specifically targeted to the Spanish market.



Let us show you how we work and what we could do for you, you don’t even need to get on a plane or speak the lingo!


Our professional multilingual expert team will present your products in Spanish, explore the market opportunities for you and provide you with product feedback from buyers and distributors, not to mention give you access to our in depth food and drink report for the Spanish market.

For further details and to get your brand involved in this fabulous opportunity then please contact us here, call us on +44 7730579760 or email victoria@bolstglobal.com and we can happily give you more details!


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