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Here at Bolst Global HQ we are always keen to support young talented individuals who are interested in exploring career options and opportunities within international trade and business. This summer we welcomed three interns who helped us on a number of multilingual and cross-cultural marketing tasks and projects. Here Emma Turner tells about her experience with us.

For the past six weeks, I have had the fortunate opportunity to work as an intern at Bolst Global, working with Victoria and Lucia alongside my fellow interns Jess and Patrick. From the first day, I was able to get a real feel for the type of work that Bolst Global does. After some introductions and a briefing about the current projects on the go, I got straight into proofreading a 50-something page report done for a client about the market for a specific product in Scandinavia. From this I was able not only to get to grips with the scale of the work involved in a project like this, but it also led me to write my first blog post of the internship – one which would see many more on various topics to follow. If any of my friends need to know about specific health food trends in Sweden, Denmark or the UAE, I’m pretty sure I’ll be the one they ask!

Among writing regular blog posts over the course of the six weeks, I delved into other sides of the business: getting to practise my French in a formal business email to some prospective clients, reading market research reports and producing an international business guide to the UK market, looking over social media strategy and revamping the website, which made me think about website copy and formality as well as the more fun graphic side of things. Anyone who saw me will have seen my occasional frustration at attempting to make some logos line up nicely in a gallery on the homepage, but the result was very satisfactory! Having never done any international business before, all of this was really varied and really well supported by Victoria and Lucia, who were really patient in teaching me about what they do while also giving me the freedom to use my own initiative and come up with new ideas, like brainstorming product names and new blog topics.

However, the work I have done has only been one part of what has made this experience so invaluable and exciting. Being surrounded by so many people with a great work ethic and many ambitions is really inspiring, especially knowing that Bolst Global is really only at the beginning of its worldwide journey, and I’ll be able to watch proudly as it progresses even further in the future. Furthermore, the opportunity has helped me grow not just in skills, but as a person, helping me to learn more about where my skills might lie in the future.

Finally, it would be wrong to omit the social aspect of the internship. Whether it was winning a quiz about LinkedIn as a team and heading home with a bottle of wine, or going for team drinks to say goodbye to the other interns and getting to know each other outside the office, I am reminded clearly that what really makes an opportunity like this special is the people. To be surrounded by and get to know so many talented and ambitious colleagues, working in a company whose values I share and to whom people are real people and not just employees, will certainly make this internship an opportunity I won’t forget.


At Bolst Global we are always keen to hear from ambitious and energetic candidates who would be interested in working with us as interns, graduates or associates and are always open to speculative application.

If you would like to find out more about current roles at Bolst Global or to put forward your application then please send a CV and covering letter addressed to Victoria at admin@bolstglobal.com

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