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Spain is definitely a country that you should take into account if you want to export food and drink products. Even though the 2008 crisis has affected the economy, the situation is totally different today. Indeed, in 2016, Spain was part of the top five fastest-growing economies in the eurozone. The country is the 8th largest export market for UK food and drink products and the fact that there are over 300,000 expats living there makes it an ideal market to target!


Let’s see in more details why you should look at Spain for your food and drink products:

#1: High demand for health food and drink brands

Spanish consumers feel more and more concerned about having a healthier lifestyle. While the health fads and trends have come and gone, this time it seems that the healthy trend is going to last for a long time. We observe an awareness about the importance of consuming less but better. People are willing to pay more for products that claim to boost health and be better for them.


With the economy getting better, Spanish people have more purchasing power, thus are more inclined to spend money on healthy products. This change in consumer behaviour is very positive for health food and drink brands.


#2 Spanish big trends in the health food and drink sector


The increasing awareness among consumers regarding health and the importance accorded to consumption choices has literally boosted the demand for organic food and drinks in Spain. What consumers want today in Spain is more natural food and beverages with lower amounts of artificial ingredients, colourants or preservatives. They also pay attention to the label of the products they purchase as it represents a guarantee of quality.


One of the big trends that is increasingly developing is the organic, and this country is one of the leaders in terms of organic production and is now in the top 10 of organic consumers. The sales in this sector have increased massively thanks to the development of organic farms and gardens and also thanks to the increasing availability of these products from the major retailers, especially the organic retailers such as Veritas and SuperSano. The biggest opportunities are in the free from categories, vegan, vegetarian friendly and superfoods.


Social media and new technologies are mainly responsible for the increasing interest of customers in healthy food. Having a healthy lifestyle is something that interests Spanish people, we can even talk about a “healthy community”. High fibre pasta is one of the best examples of the trend in naturally healthy packaged food. Actually, it was the fastest current value growth in 2016, registering a 20% increase in 2016. Another interesting category of food very popular in Spain concerns healthy products indicated for food intolerances, even though they have not been diagnosed with food intolerance!

Also, we have noticed that vitality products aroused people’s interest. These products respond to a need for consumers to reduce fatigue, and provide mental and physical vitality. In addition to this kind of products, Spanish people are fond of superfood and love natural products. They consider these products as a source of benefits for their health.


#3 Who are the main players in the market?


Supermarkets and hypermarkets are clearly the leaders in terms of sales with 49.7% and 18.5% of total sales respectively.  Mercadona is the market leader due to its presence in most of naturally healthy food and drink products with their own label Hacendado and their efforts in the innovation approach. They truly want to make healthy food and drink accessible to everyone.


However, we notice that Spanish consumers really appreciate convenience stores as they favour the practical aspect, this is something very popular and cultural in Spain. The sales through this kind of stores have largely benefited from the increasingly busy lifestyle. If we have a look on the specialised organic stores, we would definitely mention the chain Veritas as the leader of the market, Supersano or Herbolario Navarro.  


If you are looking to export to the Spanish market or would like any support on this then please get in touch with us!

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