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Welcome to the Bolst Global resources library!

We enjoy sharing our knowledge of international markets with everyone; here you will find a wealth of resources as we make them, including essential webinars and guides. Feel free to watch and share them –  if you have any questions or would like to know more about our knowledge and experience in this sector, just contact us!


The Bolst Global Export Show


Guide to the UK Market for International Buyers (click on image to download)

Bolst Global’s e-guide on exhibiting at International Trade Fairs (click on image to download)

June 2018 Newsletter

In this month newsletter we are covering the following subjects: Health and Wellness in France Exporting to Spain Exporting in the Gulf Export Collective Programme Retailing landscape in Sweden Insights on the UAE Upcoming events Hope you enjoy it! Have a lovely...

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on the Swedish Food Retail Landscape

Scandinavia has long been THE place to prosper for health and wellness brands. The Nordic countries are a fertile region for natural and organic product exporters. The market provides opportunities for British wellness food producers to gain new customers abroad. Take...

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