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BG Ignite (business development plan)

BG Ignite is designed for businesses which want to kickstart their growth and begin their entry into new markets. Through this programme, Bolst Global acts as an outsourced Business Development partner, providing cost-effective and detailed market research, analysis into the best route into market, warmed business leads, vetting of prospect partners, as well as strategy development and planning. We uncover and develop opportunities and are dedicated to providing real results with possible partners for your brand.

It is a flexible programme, and depending on the level of involvement required (from just one market to global reach), Bolst Global will dedicate their time, resources and existing network to ensure your brand can gain traction in the target market.

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Case study:

over £85k in new business in 2017

Protein snack manufacturer Battle Oats approached us wanting to ignite their international business and find a way into the international marketplace. Using our international sales experience and resulting business leads, they have gained over £80,000 of new business and entered 5 new markets in 2017.

[Bolst Global’s work] reflects highly and positively for our brand and has allowed us to increase export sales in under two months […] Hiring Bolst Global is the best thing we have ever done as a small business to help grow our export opportunities.

Kevin Smith

Co-Founder, GT Divisions Ltd

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