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Internationalising your health and wellness business is an exciting growth strategy and one that with the right ingredients can be very rewarding indeed.

At Bolst Global we place your export health and performance at the heart of everything we do.  We have ready-made global relationships blended with authentic in-depth market knowledge, enabling you to have great-tasting export rewards in a quicker time frame.

We’ve a wealth of experience and bags of passion in international sales and marketing. So give your business that nutritious slice of Bolst boost that it may just need!

Bolst Global turns exporting into an exciting exhilarating experience

Our approach is to work in long-term partnerships with selective ambitious companies within the health and wellness sector, who have a similar dynamic nature to us and who see it a riskier strategy to NOT consider exporting or other international channels at a fairly early stage of their business.

If you are a British health food or drink producer, a supplements manufacturer or operating within the health and wellness sector and are ready to take your business to a new level of international success then we would like to talk with you about how we can make this happen and bring you the significant results your business deserves.

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Fit Britches: Reshaping the world by leveraging global networks

This is the message Farnaz Khan, Founder of Fit Britches based in Yorkshire UK is getting across and her ambitious drive has seen her achieve phenomenal results in just three years with limited resources. In a move away from our traditional food related blog posts here at Bolst Global HQ we wanted to bring something different to the table and share with our readers international insight gleaned from this inspiring interview from such a head strong woman. So what is Fit Britches? Fit britches is a range of women’s clothing that act as shape wear and have added clinically proven benefits such as increased circulation and reducing the visibility of cellulite. This range includes shorts, underwear, tops and leggings for women of all shapes and sizes. Fit Britches is also a pure play retailer, meaning the products are only sold online. Whilst some people would advocate multi-channel retailing this choice to focus solely on an internet presence  has been hugely beneficial to the rapid rise of the business. What is the message? Simply wearing Fit Britches for 6 hours a day can lead to slimmer legs. Reviewer Yasmin proudly announces ,“I love wearing the leggings. I’ve been wearing them one month and I’ve already noticed my legs are looking slimmer.” Some of the clinically proven benefits include: Reduction in thigh measurements 11% improved cellulite signs 16% more skin elasticity and collagen 92% higher skin blood microcirculation 51% Better thermoregulation These are the tried and tested results from just 30 days use. Excellent news, but how can Farnaz make sure the world hears this and that Fit Britches continues to... read more

Why we all are guilty of not pursuing important export opportunities

As a small business owner or export manager in the UK if you are selling a niche product or service then you appreciate that marketing your products and services to just 0.9% of the world population, of which an even smaller percentage relates to your target segment, is not a long-term sustainable business strategy. As such international development is a must to keep growing your business, your customer base and your profits. Initial investment Therefore it is likely that once you are able to from a resource perspective,you will probably invest initially and then continually in going on trade missions, commissioning overseas market research reports and maybe participating in trade fairs.  Out in market you can get a real sense of the opportunities open to you, you meet with lots of interested potential partners, build a bank of leads and promise to have further exchanges with all of those involved and finalise business once you get back to the office…. Getting around to it   Except once back on British turf you find that the day-to-day work has mounted up in your absence and you get thrown back into the normal routine and that fantastic opportunity with a distributor agreement with the company you met in Jordan quickly fades, seems suddenly much more complex to secure and an ever increasingly distant memory… Even for Export Managers as they are handling a continuously longer list of worldwide partners.   Cooling leads So you leave it on the ever growing ‘to do list’ that you just never get through. Then before you know it weeks have slipped by and that hot... read more

Vegan meats and avocado ice-cream? Day one at Speciality Fine Food Fair

After a week of celebrating the end of my MBA it was straight back into working on a Sunday with a trip to the Speciality Food Fair at London’s Olympia after a delicious healthy breakfast at a friend’s house to try and stop me over sampling! With over 850 exhibitors both familiar faces and plenty of new ones to meet too I was excited to see what would be in store and to see what the appetite would be for the international business support and development that I can offer to those brands.   Loving the vibes What I love about the food and drink fairs generally is the way that the product samples act as a great way for both exhibitors and visitor to interact and serves as a way for each party to ask the other questions.   What I also love is the general warmth and passion with which many of the exhibitors talk to you, even when you are effectively trying to sell your services to them despite them paying to exhibit and to try to sell to you! First stop was to drop some heavy cheese samples from one of my clients to one of our distributors exhibiting at the show and to introduce myself in person to the buyer there.   Then a general look round the first floor where many of the small producers were based and with whom I really like interacting. Interestingly there too were many international (European) companies exhibiting looking for entry into the UK market (maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way!) and I gave a few... read more

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